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Ratibo provides eateries with an inbuild point of sales system that helps them keep records of all sales and expenses both from online orders and orders recorded by the eateries. Ratibo also offers restaurants with a commission free customer ordering system that allows customers to scan and order, order for delivery and schedule orders.



Frequently Asked Questions !!

Some of the questions our customers have been curious about.

We require information like an email address, a working phone number, name of the business and the location of the business to register.

We don’t charge commission for orders placed by customers to restaurants. We understand that margins in the food industry isn’t much and we want eateries and restaurants to grow. 

We do not do deliveries ourselves on behalf of restaurants we only provide the software infrastructure to help eateries and restaurants to be able to do deliveries by calculating delivery cost at the point of order. Restaurants can independently seek services of a third party rider or have an in house delivery person.

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